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History bus fleet

Stolin carpool number 12 was held February 2, 1959. 

For an initial period of formation, depot was located in the territory of the plant r.p.Rechitsa Facing - facade ceramics with May 1961 in Stolin moved into the former MTS, where it remains today. 

The first director was carpool Leonov Laurel Fedorovich, Ch. Kapustin engineer Fyodor Stepanovich. The first work was Kuntaras Arsentevich Gregory, who was appointed head of the warehouse and took a January 25, 1959 arriving vehicles. 

The first drivers were: 

Andreyashko Alexander 

Vladimir Bozhko Lavrent'evich 

Klimovich Anatoly 

Dobriyanets Nikolay Pavlovich 

Peter Zelinsky 

Sholomitskii Michael R. and other drivers 

Between organization carpool number of drivers working on trucks was 53 people on the bus are 6 people, repair workers 10 people. Engineers and employees to 8 people. 

Total number of employees was 97 persons. Higher education was not a secondary specialized had 6 people, all drivers were only 3 classes. 

Production base in the organization of the units has 50 trucks, mostly GAZ-51, GAZ-93, ZIS-5, Zil-164, 2 buses PAZ-651 and 2 gruzotaksi. Total capacity of all cargo fleet was 150 tons. 

The scope of works for one year of work is 229 thousand tons of economic cargoes with a turnover of 2910 thousand ton-kilometers. 

Buses were transported 223 thousand passengers in 2757 and holds thousand passenger. Before joining a carpool number 12 on the territory of MTS, the entire repair of motor vehicles produced entirely in the open air. At that time there was virtually no lifting devices and mechanisms to facilitate the work of drivers. 

Average monthly wage in 1959 1 employee was 71 rubles. 

On June 8, 1987 carpool number 12 converted into "Car park number 12." And part of the GO "Brestblavtotrans" Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus. Fleet is mixed fleets, t.e.imeetsya both freight and passenger transport, which is designed to carry passengers and economic cargoes. Back in 1987 the production base was 126 trucks and 82 buses, including brands: Maz-5549, MAZ-5551-47edinits, ZIL-MMZ-450, ZIL-MMZ-4502-19 units, Kaz-608 (mukovoz ) - 3 units, Kaz-608 - 3 units, Zil-441510 (side) - 3 units, tractors sidelnye -11 units. With buses PAZ-672 -14 units, Laz-695 -23 units LiAZ 677 -9 units, Eek-260-8 units, IR 256 - 14edinits, Laz-699 -10 units. 

During the period from 1961 to 1988, economic and built by contracting a number of industrial facilities. 

If we compare the volume of work performed for the 11 months of 1997, with the beginning of the formation of the fleet, then for freight were transported 214 tons of economic cargoes with a turnover of 12.6 million ton-kilometers. Transfer by bus transportation 3, 6 million passengers and 58.1 million passenger-kilometers performed. In the car park a lot of hard work and production leaders, veterans of labor, gained fame and respect among the staff. This drivers: Peter Zelinski-honored worker BSSR, holder of the Order "Badge of Honor" and "October Revolution" Myshepud Sergey, who was awarded the Order of Labor Glory 3 degrees., Nikolai Bozhko awarded the medal "For labor." Till today works as head of road safety Bognat Vladimir Alexandrovich, was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and many other employees of the company. 16 people were awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor". Two people were awarded the badge "Honorary freighter." 

322 driver awarded the badge "For operation without accidents" 

all three grades. 

Today the company is a Mixed fleet with 84 units of rolling stock. 

If considered separately trucking fleet, then on the balance sheet 

there are 36 units of vehicles. Of these brands such as Maz-5549, MAZ-5551, MAZ-555102, MAZ-5551A2-325, MAZ-5516A5-380. MAZ-54329 (on-board) and other brands. Total capacity of all vehicles is 373 tons. 

Lately, a fleet of trucks considerably updated. In 2008 alone, now acquired 7-tippers trucks MAZ-5551A2-325 and MAZ-5516 A5-380. In the current environment, working on the old fashioned rolling stock, the company has driven itself to a deadlock. Therefore getting a new and technologically modernized trucks with carrying capacity of 20 tons and above, which is primarily required to provide services to third parties, autoenterprise allow more efficient to use, with higher returns with lower costs and TS. 

Basically, the volume of freight carried cars MAZ-5549, 5551, 555102, 5516. Shipments carried out by these vehicles is 98% of the total freight. 



When the forecast figure for 2008 of 392 million tonnes of cargo, the company transported 405.3 thousand tons or exceeded the job 103.4% 

Cargo turnover made ​​on 122.7% of the budgeted figure, or was 9204 tons / km. Development of the whole of the reported year to 1 ton / km was 26.8 kt \ km. 

The enterprise has 41 bus, which serves urban, suburban, interurban transportation and transportation not provided a schedule. 

Among them: 11 - city 

15 - suburban 

12 - InterCity 

3 - hourly 

Public transport consists of buses IR 260, MAZ-104, lyases 5256, MAZ-103 and mainly serves the city route "AP - KSM." 

Twenty-four commuter bus routes serve the brand Laz-695, IR 260, Laz-42021, Paz-4234, Gas-32213, MAZ-256200, Radzimich. And seven intercity bus routes service mark IR 256, Laz-699, Marz-4219, MAZ-256170, Gazelle 32213. 

Payback route network in 2008 on urban transport was 74.3%, commuter traffic, 56.9% and 99% of long-distance transport. 

To date, the fleet has three plots of land with a total area of 8.58 hectares. Each of the sections has a state certificate of land use right. 

The enterprise has a well-equipped production base, which consists of 3 buildings for repair and maintenance of vehicles. In the main building with a carrying value of 548 mill.279 tys.rub.i a total area of ​​4551 m2 located such workshops as lathe, welding, electrical, aggregate shop, fuel equipment, office restoration, line TS-1, TS-2 posts and maintenance and repair 7 posts, equipped with lifts for vehicle repairs, technical control point and the station diagnostics. 

The second case with a carrying value of 254 rubles mln.594. and a total area of ​​1924 m2 is a structure in which there are offices, such as motor, vulkanizatornoe, rechargeable, office repair, brake pad, 8 repair stations to perform engine repair, maintenance and replacement of wheels and maintenance. In case 3 with a total area of ​​944 m2 offices are welding bus bodies and trailers. This park has an advantage over other small businesses that have their own transport. 

The company employs 227 people. Of these drivers, 35 trucks, buses - 60 people, repair and support workers 68 people, cashiers 12 people, 13 people conductors and engineers and employees-45. The average salary in 2008 for the whole company was 635 thousand. Of course, if you compare with other companies in the sector, the salary is below the average. But let's be realistic, and we hope that with the acquisition of new rolling stock in the current year on freight transportation by lease payments, the situation changed for the better to increase the tariff rate of 1 category, which currently stands at 112,000 rubles. 

To improve passenger service on the balance sheet has 3 avtosooruzheniya. This bus station gor.Stoline, in bus 

GD-town and village avtokassa Olshany. 

Revenue from transportation of goods and passengers in 2008 was 6 mld. rubles. or exceeding at 124.0%. Operating profit 

amounted to 45.5 million rubles. The level of profitability of 0.8%. Net income for 2008 amounted to 132 million rubles. 

Reduced clientelistic market, competition from private entrepreneurs seek ways makes income from other activities. 

Advance ticket sales 

Hotel Reservation 

baggage Allowance 

Cut timber 

Services provided by the repair shop 

Lumber processing and manufacturing 


Service property lease 

Services provided by individual entrepreneurs in part 

monitoring the technical condition of the car. 

Services provided by the station diagnostics. 

Luggage storage at AB and station facilities. 

Car Wash 

Services paid parking 

Servicing motor vehicles MAZ. 

Best employees today are drivers of trucks: 

Conder Bulgakov 

Torchylo Nikolai 

Bondarchuk Nikolai Vladimirovich 

Protosovitsky Dmitry 

Drivers of passenger buses: 

Apanovich Alexander A. 

Apanovich Gennadiy 

Mikhail Kuzmich 

On July 13, 2007 the team was headed Holovatch Youri, who worked Ch. engineer of the enterprise. Young manager backed by parent 44 years old, had graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and the Academy under the President of the Republic of Belarus. Youri knows firsthand engineering and technical activities of the company, still worked as an Chap. engineer for 19 years. Knows all aspects of the enterprise. Itself is calm, self-possessed man, that he teaches his subordinates. In most cases, other people's problems as their senses. By making every effort possible to help resolve them. While it may seem that the head must be strict in relation to subordinates, but it's not in the rules 

Reshetnyak. It sure is much more important that the people would not respect him because of the fear, and the General Affairs Council, the final results of financial and economic activity. Only then can we experience the satisfaction 

from the work of the director - the director of the company. 

Prior to that, working as Chief Engineer, Youri lot to gain experience from the former director of the company Dulskogo Alexander Vasilyevich, released on age-deserved rest. 

This leader was able to rally the people near him, cementing them into a single team, who were tasked to fight for indicators for discipline. 

For two and a half years head of the company, significantly upgraded rolling stock. Was purchased 9 trucks, except trailers and 9 buses on urban, suburban and interurban transportation. That is, put 10% rolling stock renewal kept at the proper level. 

With the acquisition of new rolling stock declined significantly 

costs for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. 

As the director of the enterprise, today becomes a very difficult situation with the driver on the composition of freight transportation. Youth comes to production almost without knowing skills on rolling stock, not to mention repairs and maintenance. 

Therefore, this type of transport is very high turnover. 

A lot of Youri pays attention routing international traffic. With 7 2 profitable routes (Stolin Gomel, Brest-Lutkov) and 5 loss. Especially the director of the company concerned transit carriers engaged in illegal to carry passengers. Daily fleet loses significant amounts of not less than 1 million rubles. only on long-distance transport. And that profitability of enterprises and tax deductions in raybyudzhet. 

It is the firm conviction of Reshetnyak, the prospect of economic development of the enterprise depends on the pace of renovation of rolling stock, increasing the volume of freight traffic. 

He is convinced that in the revenue freight should be at 50% of total revenues, then there will be all conditions for improving 

welfare and living standards of the entire workforce. 

Considerable attention is paid Youri and other activities. More than half the clientele has warranty maintenance services all cars MAZ. Also commissioned 

Paid parking. 

Gradually being repaired at all areas of repair shops. Are aligned as repair pits and cabinets. 

Until the end of the year plans to Youri with operating buses with petrol engines that will give an economic effect on reducing vehicle fuel consumption. 

But most importantly - Yuri Grigorevichu managed to stabilize the economic situation of the fleet. Over recent years, the team works with profit. 

Director of the company for the future in front of their subordinates sets the task to reach a higher level as on the organization of the transportation process, and on the income side and culture in the workplace. Immediately this course you do not, but actually implement his plan. The main thing is not to stop there.